We provide tax advice on the comprehensive gamut of tax obligations in effect in Paraguay, with our service focused on timely compliance.

• Advice on tax issues

• Analysis of the different types of taxes

• Settlement and presentation of every type of tax return presented to the national tax authority, SET, in the form of sworn statements


We understand the need to have timely information for decision-making. That is why we offer our accounting service in accordance with client requirements, providing our knowledge and technology to generate the reports called for.

• Accounting records and entries in internal or external IT systems

• Preparation of monthly and annual Financial Statements

• Printing of mandatory accounting ledgers

• Corporate advisory services

• Preparation of internal reports as needed by the client


We have enlisted the advisory services of labor lawyers in order to be able to respond to client needs as well as those of the regulatory institutions.

• Registration in the Social Security Institute (IPS)

• Preparation and presentation of the monthly IPS spreadsheet

• Registration in the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security (MTESS)

• Communication of employee changes

• Annual presentation of the corresponding ledgers at the MTESS


We carry out a variety of administrative steps and processes aiming to provide a comprehensive service to ensure client satisfaction.

• Set up and registration of companies (outsourced)

• Registration of individuals and legal entities at the office of the tax authority, SET

• Payment of fiscal, municipal and other taxes

• Preparation and presentation for the General Assemblies of Limited Liability Corporations (Sociedades Anónimas)

• Registration at SEPRELAD (the State anti-money laundering agency), Municipalities, and Legal Counsel of the Treasury, among others

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